Family Ministry
Equipping Parents and Children for the Journey of Faith

Family Ministry

We are passionate about creating a church family that fosters authentic friendships and biblical teaching that truly inspires all children to carry the light of Jesus into their world. Our Family Ministry seeks to come alongside parents to support them in raising children of faith on every step of the journey. 


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    Christ Church Kids Volunteer
    Become a part of the Children's Ministry Team!

    Christ Church Kids Volunteers

    Do you have a heart for serving children or for helping families check-in before service?

    Volunteer Training Video and Registration (Classroom or Check-in Volunteer)
    Want to love, connect, learn from, guide and laugh alongside God’s children during our Children’s Ministry Sunday morning worship this school year? Learn more about our Christ Church Kids Team by watching our training video (link below) and register (link below) so that you can inform us of your preferences with when and what capacity you would like to volunteer. We would love to partner with you!

    Passcode: *7bbZ1?%

    Contact Jennie Amidei with any questions.

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    Christ Church Connects
    Families coming alongside of beloved members of Christ Church.

    As followers of Christ we are called to be His hands and feet in our communities.
    We read in the New Testament of our instruction to
    "care for one another...bear one another's burdens...encourage and
    build up one another...and love one another."
    At this time, older members of our church may be feeling lonely because
    they cannot gather with friends and their family may live far away.
    Are you able to call, send cards and come along side
    one of these beloved members?

    If your family is interested in being a part of this outreach please click on this and fill out the form.