One of the most beautiful things about the spirit of Christ Church is that we are grateful for God’s grace in the past and hopeful for what He will yet do in the future. This year, inspired by the call of Christ, we plan to dramatically expand our network of life-giving relationships and resources that will help thousands of people move to a wonderful new level of personal thriving and Christian influence.

We look forward to walking into that exciting new future with you and all who make up this exceptional church. May God be pleased and glorified by all we together do in His Name.



Financial Statement

We are grateful to God for your generosity this first quarter. While donations were behind budget, expenses were prudently managed. The $1.81M of donations provided meaningful connections for members and attenders during Holy Week, at small and large group gatherings like COW for middle schoolers and the IF:Gathering for women. We also continued to support our mission partners around the world. 



Where Does Your Giving Go?