Grow With Us
Grow With Us

Grow With Us

Growing your faith, your relationship with Jesus and your relationships with others is an ongoing journey. Faith development includes a variety of spiritual practices like being in community with others, worship, prayer, reading the Bible, and serving. Whether you are new to faith and exploring what that means or looking to grow deeper, we want to equip and empower you to take the next step on your journey. 



Rooted Groups

Rooted is great place to start if you are new to your faith journey or to small groups. Each group consists of 6–12 people committed to exploring the Bible, engaging in prayer, serving others, sharing their stories and developing the practices essential to a healthy spiritual life.


Small Groups

Small groups are a place where you can find your community. Small groups meet locally on a monthly or weekly basis and are communities of people who get together around a similar life stage or, to connect with different life stages.

Support Groups

Need extra support at this point in your journey? Join one of our many support groups where you will meet people ready to walk with you during life's most difficult seasons.


Large Groups

Throughout the week, Christ Church creates space for large groups to gather together to deepen their relationship with Christ and encourage one another in their faith. Large groups connect around a similar life stage like Mothers of Preschoolers, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, 20s Ministry and more.


Family Groups

We are so grateful for the vibrant collection of families that exist here at Christ Church. If you are looking to join a family group, in either a large or small group setting, this is the place to start!


Classes & Workshops

Take an intentional step to deepen your faith with any of our one-day experiences or special series. Whether you participate with a friend or come with the intention of meeting new people, you’ll find ways to explore practices, tools and new ideas that will help you grow closer to God.