Our Vision


Our Vision

To root our lives more deeply in Christ for the sake of others (Ephesians 3:14-21) and to extend flourishing to thousands of others through our 2020 strategic plan.

Our 2020 Strategic Plan initiatives include:

Grow Health | Provide practical help to church leaders, the congregation, and community in developing significantly greater spiritual, emotional and relational health.

Serve Needs | Advance the servant mission of Jesus toward the spiritual and material needs of people—especially in the Roosevelt Road Corridor and in Kenya, Africa.

Open Doors | Engage hundreds of de-churched persons in the worship of God and the fellowship of his people by lowering barriers to involvement.

Love People | Foster a significantly warmer, more inviting spirit and experience of “Hospitality at the Heart” of our congregation, facilities and ministries.

Multiply Leaders | Develop a leadership system that identifies, mentors, and deploys leading disciples for our most significant ministry and mission needs.