Lifting Women & Children
Lifting Women & Children


Reclaim13 works to free children from sexual exploitation. 13 is believed to be the average age of entry into the commercial sex trafficking industry. Reclaim13's goal is to "reclaim" a child's right to grow up feeling safe, loved, and free from harm.

Reclaim13's ministry focuses on three areas:

1. Prevention

  • Community Education and Awareness - Partnering with community organizations to educate and raise awareness of child exploitation and trafficking.
  • Prevention of Abuse and Child Exploitation (PACE) - Teaching partents and children the necessary skills to identify, avoid, and handle high risk situations that could lead to abuse and exploitation.
  • The Path - a video created to show the most common tactics a predator uses to manipulate young people.

2. Healing 

  • Cherish House - Reclaim13's safe house for girls between the ages of 10-17 who are escaping sex trafficking.  As a long-term, trauma-informed, residential treatment facility, the house provides physical safety and a loving environment where the girls are supported by experienced staff as they gain the skills they need to live a life beyond exploitation.
  • Mentorship - Program for boys, girls, men and women that have been victims of trafficking and exploitation, who need a community of support to begin a new life.

3. Engagement

  • Volunteer Teams
    • See below
  • Events
    • The Reclaiming Hope Project - an interactive dance event
    • Reclaiming Voices Art Exhibit
    • Love>Fear 5K
    • Cherish the Dream Gala
  • Partnerships with corporations, churches, community and individuals.

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THE PATH - Into Hidden Sex Trafficking (Trailer) from Reclaim13 on Vimeo.

Serve Opportunities

Serve as an Individual

Mentors work with residents of Cherish House and community survivors of trafficking, helping each individual move towards hope and his/her life goals.  Training required. 

Volunteer Team Member
Serve on one of the Reclaim13 volunteer teams:

  • Creative Arts
  • Education
  • Fundraising & Communications
  • Junior Advisory Council
  • Outreach
  • Policy & Research
  • Prayer

Serve as a Group

Event Volunteers
Serve at one of Reclaim13's events.


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