Parent Resources

parent resources

Parent Resources

We are here to equip you with the resources that you need to help your children build stronger relationships with Christ from early childhood to high school. Check out our resources below.

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    Early Childhood Parent Resources

    Early Childhood Ministry

    Tru Blessings Homefront Weekly Lessons (2-3 Year-olds)
    Spend Time Together Learning

    Review these lessons each week with your child before they start their week. This is a "pre-teach" resource for you to help set your child up for success for each upcoming week. We are especially excited about the 7 Essentials and the 10 Environments that get to be created and implemented here at church and in your homes.

    Lessons 1-4
    Lessons 5-8
    Lessons 9-12
    Lesson 13

    TruWonder Blessings Homefront Weekly Lessons (4-5 Year-olds)
    Grow Together in Your Faith

    Now that your child is growing more spiritually mature, he or she is ready to begin discussing these weekly concepts with you. This is a "pre-teach" for you to review with your child each week to learn more about God.

    Lesson 1
    Lesson 2
    Lesson 3
    Lesson 4
    Lesson 5
    Lesson 6
    Lesson 7
    Lesson 8
    Lesson 9

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    Learn More About Some of Our Resources:

    Find Out More About Tru Ministry
    Find Our More About 252
    TruBlessings | Homefront Weekly | 2-3 year-olds
    7 Family Ministry Essentials
    Home Front magazine The 10 environments

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    Elementary Parent Resources

    KidZone: Elementary Curriculum

    Weekly Home Resources


    Read the At Home Weekly Lesson - to see what we are learning in our programming and how you can carry it on throughout the week!

    Be inspired by the Weekly Memory Verses!

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    Middle School Parent Resources

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    Protection Policy

    This policy, for all volunteers and employees, has been adopted for the protection of children, youth, and those who minister with them at Christ Church.

    To review the full Protection Policy, click here.