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Holding on in a Frenzied World

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  Lifelines Podcast | A Conversation About Mental Health

What comes to mind when someone tells you they have been feeling numb, anxious or depressed? Maybe you’ve been experiencing one or more of those feelings but you’ve been afraid to say it aloud. It’s challenging to be vulnerable; to risk letting others see our wounds and imperfections.

What would happen if we let someone know our life doesn’t look like our Instagram account? We often think trying harder, praying more, reading another book or joining another group is the answer. We carry shame for struggling with our mental health. We’re confused as to why if we love and follow Jesus we’re not always happy and content.

We spent three Sundays exploring what the Bible says about our mental health and how we as the Church can come alongside one another and offer a lifeline. You can check out those messages in our Media Library.

If you're looking to speak to a pastor or to find a therapist/counselor, we can help. Please contact Jean Blidy |


Family Mental Health Support Group
Second and Fourth Mondays | 7:00–8:30 p.m. | Zoom

The Family Mental Health Support group is for family members, friends, and support persons of anyone 18 and older who are living with a mental health condition or suspected mental health condition. Your loved one does not need to have a diagnosis to attend. 

Join Zoom meeting here.

Navigating the Mental Health Journey: From Recognition to Resources Webinar Monday | February 21 | 7:00 p.m. | Zoom

Are you or a loved one experiencing mental health concerns and wondering where to turn or what to do next? Do you know how to recognize when concern crosses over to meet the criteria for illness? And then, what steps and resources can help move you toward help and hope? This webinar will also feature a Q & A chat.

Join us as Patty Johnstone, Director of the Living Room, Trinity Services, addresses these questions and unpacks some first steps toward effective communication strategies and the development of a mental wellness plan.

Patty has been helping families as a mental health Support Programs Director for over 12 years. She is currently the Living Room Director for Trinity Services, a community mental health provider, and a Family Mental Health Advisor/Founder of her newest endeavor The Pathway Solutions.  Patty is a well-respected, trusted, and dedicated mental health peer that has advocated for, supported and counseled thousands of families and individuals over the course of her career.

Join Zoom Meeting here.