Devoted: Church Reimagined
August 4 - 25 | Downers Grove
Devoted: Church Reimagined
August 4 - 25 | Downers Grove

Devoted: Church Reimagined

August 4 - 25 | Downers Grove

A Vision For Becoming a Devoted Community: (Acts 2 remix)

They devoted themselves to the Scriptures, to genuine community, to gathering around tables, and to prayer.

God was powerfully moving through their generous service.

Their friends, families, and communities noticed their authentic worship and life-changing love.

And God deepened and grew HIS church every day.

Week 1 | Aug. 4
Devoted to Scripture

When God’s people commit to read, memorize, and reflect on God’s words they find themselves transformed by His words. Take the Devoted Bible Challenge this next month by following the reading plan and sharing your thoughts to the following questions with one another.

READING PLAN: One chapter per day for 30 days.

Ask yourself:

What am I learning?
How am I challenged?
What questions
do I have?
How should I respond?               

Bible Reading:
Matthew 5-7
James 1-5
Hebrews 10-11
Colossians 3
Philippians 1-4
Luke 13
Acts 2
Psalm 16, 23, 51, 139
Daniel 6
Romans 5, 8, 12
1 John 1-5

Week 2 | Aug. 11
Devoted to Meals

Meals have been given to us by God for more than eating...they are for community. Community Dinners are one way we will devote ourselves to building fellowship with one another and extending invitations to our friends and families to join us.

Interested in hosting a dinner? 
Contact Randi Lundgren at

Want to attend a dinner?

All Congregation Community Dinner
Monday, August 12
6:30 p.m.
Spaghetti dinner provided, please bring salad or dessert to share.

Week 3 | Aug. 18
Devoted to Prayer

God works in us and through us when we talk and listen to him (prayer). Devote yourself to one or more of these prayer movements:

Prayer Chain: 
Be a part of our 24-hour prayer chain on August 21. Sign up for a 30-minute slot.

Prayer Walks: 
Take a prayer walk around where you live, work or play. Pick up a Prayer Path Guide at worship in August.

Prayer Circles:
Draw a circle around a prayer need that you are desperately seeking God to answer.

Week 4 | Aug. 25
Devoted to Generous Service

Random act(s) of kindness where you live, work or play. Even the smallest interaction can have a positive impact. What will you do?

Join a serve team. Check out the opportunities at or contact Amy Moran at

Belmont Ice Cream Blessing
August 1 | 4:00 - 6:15 p.m.

Sign up

More opportunities to serve will be posted in August.



Spaghetti Dinner

Monday, August 12 | 6:30 p.m.

We will be having an all congregation spaghetti dinner together! Please bring a salad or dessert to share.