Broadcast Schedule
Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

Air Date Number Title Series Preacher
12/2/18 1848 THE CAUSE: Rediscovering the Joy of Christmas True Story Dan Meyer
12/9/18 1849 UNLIKELY CHOICES: He Came To & Through The Poor Mystery Dan Meyer
12/16/18 1850 THE MEDIATOR: He Made The Invisible Known Mystery Dan Meyer
12/23/18 1851 WHEN GOD UNDRESSED The Word Became Flesh Mystery Dan Meyer
12/30/18 1852 THE KING’S HAND: What Christian Hope Is and Is Not Hope-Full Dan Meyer
1/6/19 1901 CHANGE IS COMING: Understanding the Hope of Heaven Hope-Full Dan Meyer
1/13/19 1902 SEE THE FIELD: Surveying Your Weekday World The Other Six Dan Meyer
1/20/19 1903 USE YOUR TOOLS: Employing Your Spiritual Gifts The Other Six Dan Meyer
1/27/19 1904 CLOSE GAPS: Working For Reconciliation The Other Six Dan Meyer
2/3/19 1905 ISSUE INVITATIONS: Helping Others Know Jesus The Other Six Dan Meyer
2/10/19 1906 NOT THEM! The Call To Unpalatable People Not That! Dan Meyer
2/17/19 1907 NOT THIS!: The Cost of Fleeing Your Call Not That! Dan Meyer
2/24/19 1908 NOT THERE! The Call To Unpleasant Places Not That! Dan Meyer
3/3/19 1909 NOT THEE!: The Choice You Made in the Shade Not That! Dan Meyer
3/10/19 1910 GOD'S FIREFIGHTERS: The Ministry of Angels Angels Dan Meyer
3/17/19 1911 WHEN JESUS IS LATE: Waiting For God to Show Up The Lazarus Life Dan Meyer
3/24/19 1912 ENTOMBED: Coming To A Dead End The Lazarus Life Dan Meyer
3/31/19 1913 THIS STINKS: Facing the Messiness of Change The Lazarus Life Dan Meyer