“What to Bring to Worship" Sermon Series
February 1 - 23
“What to Bring to Worship" Sermon Series
February 1 - 23

What to Bring to Worship Sermon Series

February 2020 Worship Series
Oak Brook | Butterfield

"WORSHIP IS… the SUBMISSION of my nature to God’s being; the QUICKENING of my conscience by His holiness; the NOURISHMENT of my mind with His truth; the PURIFYING of my imagination by His beauty; the OPENING of my heart to His love; the SURRENDER of my will to His purpose; and all of this gathered up in adoration." - William Temple

The Bible talks about worship as if it were better than play, more fulfilling than a fabulous meal and greater than any other human pursuit. How many of us actually experience worship in this way? Have we asked ourselves “why not?” This provocative new series will help you understand what may have been blocking you and what can truly help you enter more fully into an experience so marvelous that people in heaven are thrilled to do it forever.

In this series, we will look at the following:

  1. Getting in touch with the attitudes and orientations that may block us from having a more meaningful worship life or from appreciating how others worship.
  2. Establishing, expanding or renewing our sense of the amazing God we are encountering when we participate in a service.
  3. Building up the desire to seek God’s face, to confess the need of God’s grace, praise God for who He is, thank God for all He’s done and serve God with all that we are.
  4. Honoring the “authentic worship” that is one of our core values as a church.

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