What is Rooted?  Rooted is a 10-week group discipleship experience and a catalyst for life-change. It provokes questions, fosters conversations and provides group experiences designed to give you a glimpse of your story in God’s story.

How do I register and what does it cost?  Registration is easy! Once registration is open for the upcoming session, click the "Join a Group" button above and follow the steps. Rooted registration is FREE, and we are providing each participant at our Butterfield campus with the $25 workbook for this first session since we are making Rooted our fall focus for the entire campus. You will receive your workbook on our Rooted Vision Night, Wednesday, September 15 at 7:00 p.m.

When and where will my Rooted group meet? Rooted groups are free to meet at a time and location that accommodates their members — whether that be on campus; offsite in homes, parks or cafes; or online. Groups are welcome to meet by Zoom, but we ask that all members attend in person both the Rooted Vision Night on September 15, 2021 and our closing celebration in January.

The majority of our groups for this fall will meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at our Butterfield campus. Gather early for dinner at the food trucks on the church lawn through September. Starting in October, plan to arrive early to grab a cup of coffee or water and greet one another before breaking away with your Rooted group.

Have another time or place in mind? During registration, please note your preference for offsite group locations or day of the week. We will do our best to place you accordingly.

Can I recruit my own Rooted group? Yes! When you register, please indicate the names of those you'd like to include in your group. We strongly encourage a group size of 6-10 people, as we've found this yields the optimal group dynamic.

I have an existing group. Can we do Rooted? Yes! When you register, please list the names of those in your existing group so we can on-ramp your whole group into the Rooted experience.

Is there childcare available?  Childcare is available on Wednesdays at our Butterfield campus. Please indicate that you are interested when you register.

What if I cannot make it to the Vision Night?  If you miss the kick-off, your leader will be in contact with you and you can still join your group. For the best Rooted experience, we recommend not missing more than two weeks. If your schedule requires you to miss more than two meetings, we ask that you consider joining a Rooted session that better fits your schedule.

What if I cannot make all 10 weeks?  We understand that Rooted is a large time commitment, but we believe it is worth it to invest in the entire process. If you know you are going to miss more than two meetings, we ask that you wait until the next session of Rooted. The 10 weeks provide a cumulative experience, and so we ask that every participant commit to honor each other by being at every meeting possible.

How will my Rooted group be chosen?  Our Rooted team will prayerfully place participants into groups of about 6-10 people. We group by age, marital status and life stage. We form groups of married couples, singles, women, men, and young adults. These groups ultimately depend upon the demographic of those who registered. A substantial amount of prayer and thoughtfulness goes into creating groups that we believe will provide the best experience for all who attend. While we do our best to honor requests when possible, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all friend or leader requests.

What is the difference between Rooted and other groups?  Rooted is the on-ramp to group life. We are participating in this fall session as a congregation to learn and share in the experience together because it is new to our church. It is our hope that by participating some of you will feel called to lead future groups and everyone will be better equipped to welcome new people to our church family sharing the fruit of the experience with them.

When will I get my book?  At the Rooted Vision Night, September 15. If you are unable to attend, your group leader will have your workbook at your next meeting.