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Serve Near

God calls us to help our neighbor, and through our opportunities to Serve Near, we want to do just that. Many people in the surrounding communities, and even our own, desperately need the love of Christ. Serve with us in spreading the Gospel and necessary resources to the people in our own backyard.

Join us for one of our Serve Near opportunities below:

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    Pacific Garden Mission | Spring Cleaning
    Saturday, February 23 | 9:00 - 12:00 am 

    On average, Pacific Garden Mission shelters over 1,000 hungry and hurting people each night — but not without many hands! Help the largest shelter in Chicago prepare for the busy spring and summer months with the precious gift of your time and energy. Volunteers will spend the morning serving together to tackle a variety of vital tasks, from cleaning rooms to making beds and helping in the kitchen. Your service will bless those without homes with a warm meal and a clean, safe place to spend the night.

    Garden Mission is located at 1458 South Canal St. in Chicago. Volunteers must handle their own transportation.

    Help the homeless find God's love, warmth, food and more at Pacific Garden Mission. If you have any questions or concerns about serving please reach out to us!  We would love to give you the information you are looking for.  

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



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    Administer Justice | Client Coordinators, Client Advocates & Translators Needed  
    8:30 am - Noon  | 3rd Saturday of Every Month | Christ Church | Oak Brook Location

    Administer Justice provides free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals and families, as well as strengthening the local community through educational and outreach programs. A variety of volunteers are needed to strengthen the services offered at Administer Justice’s free clinic, here at our Oak Brook campus on the third Saturday of every month.  Below is a description of the Client Advocate Position.  For more details about the Translator or Client Coordinator positions please register now and an Administer Justice representative will reach out to you to answer your questions.  Training is provided.  


    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



    1.  Title:  Client Advocate

    1.  Purpose of Position:  To demonstrate God’s love and compassion for those in need as reflected in the Bible, meeting with clients directly after their legal or financial appointment to provide additional support, encouragement and prayer as they navigate through difficult circumstances. This position also advocates for the work of Administer Justice through prayer for the organization.  

    1.  Ideal Strengths:  *Demonstrates a love for God, his word, and his people regardless of race, ethnicity, religious, economic or any other status.

    *Demonstrates a compassionate concern for God’s justice for the poor and needy.

    *Demonstrates strong interpersonal and relational skills.
    *Demonstrates the spiritual gift of intercessory prayer and an understanding of how prayer can transform lives.

    *Demonstrates a high level of discernment and the ability to set boundries.

    1.  Scope of Responsibilities
    1.  To demonstrate God’s love and compassion for those in need by providing additional support and encouragement to clients.
      *Review the client’s Help & Hope plan with them to ensure they are clear on next steps.

    *Provide clarification or connect them with the appropriate resource if there are questions or concerns regarding their next steps (reconnect with their attorney if available, if not advise to call main AJ number).

    *Listen, showing compassion for their circumstance while helping the client to focus on those things they can now change or do versus dwelling on things they cannot change.

    *Listen for other needs of the client and their family outside of those provided by Administer Justice;  provide appropriate referrals as needed to other social service providers.  This would include referrals for    
      food, clothing, transportation, etc.  as well as counseling or other support groups.

    *Recommending a church connection for additional support.

    *When appropriate provide client with an RBC booklet specific to their personal circumstance (ie, worry, depression, broken relationships etc.).  (Booklets are located in file cabinet outside prayer room).

    *Accompany clients back to intake who have been advised to set up a second appointment with an attorney or with an AJ financial counselor or Conflict Coach, or escort the client to the exit.

    *Complete the Client Advocate Report on all clients you meet with. Saturday clinics-place the report in the client’s file that is then sent up to Elgin for input. Elgin Advocates-place your report in the tray in the conference room. 

    1. To demonstrate God’s love and compassion for those in need through prayer. 

    *Commit to studying what God’s word says about justice for the poor and needy.

    *Offer to pray with the client regarding their circumstance.  For clients who do not want to pray with you, let them know you will be in prayer for them.

    *Offer specific scripture to the client encouraging them to focus on God’s promises.

    *Pray for clients and their families outside of one on one meeting’s.

    *Commit to praying for the poor who are trapped by sin and its effects in our broken world.  
    *Pray the Spirit loose chains of injustice where ever they may be found.

    *Pray against the powers of darkness that advance injustice in this world.
    *Pray for the work of Administer Justice; our staff, volunteers, various initiatives and needs.

    1.  Working Relationships:

    *Administer Justice staff (Director of Operations, Volunteer Services Director, staff attorneys, Intake staff).

    *Administer Justice Volunteers (attorneys, financial counselors, non-legal volunteers).

    *Other Client Advocates

    1. Time Required/Expectations

    *We encourage daily prayer and Scripture reading.

    *Two hour initial training session to understand our services and processes.
    *3 to 4 hours per week or every other week as agreed to with the Volunteer Services Director or:  once a month if serving at a Saturday or evening clinic.

    *Group meetings with other Client Advocates on a quarterly basis.

    *Updating of volunteer hours in JC on-line after each serve.



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    Food Pantry Event | Second Saturday of Every Month
    Wednesdays | 5:45 - 6:45 p.m. | Elmhurst
    Fridays | 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. | Oak Brook Terrace 
    Saturdays | 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. | Oak Brook Terrace 

    Please consider volunteering at the Salvation Army with the Christ Church food pantry team on any or all of the following pantry set up and distribution days.

    Please join us the second Saturday of every month at 1 S. 415 Summit Ave in Oak Brook Terrace from 8:00 - 12:00 p.m.. We will distribute food to guests, help carry groceries out to cars and  help clean up. 

    If you are not available on Saturday you can meet us the night before and help set up from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army Oak Brook Terrace.  

    On the Wednesday before, we meet at Life Storage located at 953 S. State 83 (frontage road on the east) in Elmhurst from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. to load donations into our truck. 

    Register now and you will be contacted by a Food Pantry team leader to answer any questions you have about the time and date(s) that you are available. 

    Contact: Renee Richel |   | 630.321.3921



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    Love Christian Clearinghouse 
    Call In Center Volunteers Needed  | 3 Hours a Week 

    LOVE Christian Clearinghouse Call in Center Volunteers Needed!

    Listen to callers, complete an assessment form and share the LOVE of CHRIST over the phone!  This volunteer position also provides the opportunity to learn about area social services and agencies available to assist our callers.  

    Do you love helping people but are unable to travel? Volunteer with LOVE Christian Clearinghouse just three hours a week helping local families in need by listening to callers, completing anassessment form,  providing resource information and sharing the love of Christ over the phone. This weekly commitment gives you room to take time off for vacation and grandkids/childrens soccer practice!
    Training is provided.

    Contact: Renee Richel, 630.321.3921,

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    Resilient | 3rd Thursday Dinner 
    February 21 | March 21 | 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.    

    Partner with Resilient and Calvary United Methodist Church in Villa Park to serve dinner to the seniors, unemployed,  and underemployed individuals of Villa Park. 


    Join us on Thursday, February 21 and / or March 21 at 4 p.m. to help cook, plate and serve dinner, visit with our neighbors, and assist with clean up.  

    Individuals who wish to serve on February 21 can register here. 


    Individuals who wish to serve on March 21 can register here. 

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



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    Resilient | Clothing Donations Needed 
    Willowbrook High School Warrior Closet  

    Willow Brook High School Warrior Closet is an in-school boutique that provides new or gently used clothes available at no cost to students in need at the high school. Items to be donated include: bags, purses, ties, interview shirts and pants, vocational attire, winter and other seasonal coats, and dresses (casual and formal). Donations can be dropped off at the Resilient Office located at Calvary United Methodist Church, 136 E. Highland Ave, 2nd Floor, Villa Park.

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921







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    Resilient | North Elementary Mentoring
    Jan - May | 45 Minutes Per Week 

    We are seeking men and women to give 45 minutes once a week to spend time mentoring one or two elementary school children.  The program will run between 10:30am and 12:30pm. Mentoring will begin in January and run through the end of the school year in May.  You must be able to make a weekly commitment during this 5 month period.

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921

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    Resilient | High School Men’s Lunch Mentors Needed 
    Lunch Hour | Thursdays | Willowbrook High School 

    Men's Lunch Mentors provides a safe place for young men at Willowbrook High School to learn what it means to be a moral man in today's world.  Volunteers need to be willing to commit to come weekly for 30 to 45 minutes, engage in listening-filled conversation with 14-17 year old males and to listen for God's will to mentor these young men.   

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921







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    Resilient | Willowbrook High School 
    Ladies Lunch Squad Volunteers Needed | Fridays

    Ladies Lunch Squad provides a welcoming place for young women at Willowbrook High School to come and build relationships with each other and volunteers.  Motivational clinics are given as well as other activities to help members gain confidence and realize their true potential.  We are looking for volunteers to commit on a weekly basis to come and build relationships with the young women; as well as, guest speakers who are willing to speak on a topic or share their passion with the young women on a one time basis to either one or all lunch periods or several times in the school year.

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921





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    Resilient: Kids Hope - Mentor Local Students

    Kids Hope is a strong nationwide organization dedicated to helping children. Christ Church members Ellen Jurkonis and Ruth Vanderlaan are looking forward to leading a group of volunteers into the important roles of mentoring elementary aged school students or being a prayer partner to a mentor. Additional volunteers are needed for mentoring and being a prayer partner to a mentor.  Mentors will meet weekly at either York Center School or Stevenson School. Prayer partners will not meet with students weekly but will provide important spiritual support for their mentor. Both schools are in District 45 and are located near Westmore/Meyers Road and Roosevelt Road.  For more information about Resilient go to

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921