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God calls us to help our neighbor, and through our opportunities to Serve Near, we want to do just that. Many people in the surrounding communities, and even our own, desperately need the love of Christ. Serve with us in spreading the Gospel and necessary resources to the people in our own backyard.

Join us for one of our Serve Near opportunities below:

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    Missional Community | A Mission-Focused Small Group 
    Tuesdays | 7:00pm - 9:00pm | Atrium

    Have you been wondering what it means to “live missionally”? A loving, supportive, outward-focused community is forming to grow the missional heart and be a presence for Christ in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and everywhere we encounter others. Come explore Jesus’ call to join God’s redemptive mission for the world and extend your everyday Kingdom impact. Our Tuesday night sessions include worship, breaking bread together, and interactive study with lots of discussion and special guest speakers. Learn about the Mission of God, experience spiritual formation that sustains everyday missionaries, and build a faith that acts to change the world.

    Our Format

    Our Tuesday night sessions will typically include a song or two of worship, a chance to break bread together, and study of God’s mission for us and how we can live into it. The sessions will be interactive and multimedia, with lots of discussion, some videos and special guest speakers. The first few sessions will convene in the Garden Plaza at church, but after those first few we will likely begin to meet in homes or out in the community. In between sessions there will be challenges that invite us to step outside our comfort zones — for example, “Invite someone to dinner this week with whom you would not typically share a meal.”

    “The Event” on Saturday, April 27 is a departure from the normal format as we undertake an exciting exploration of our own stories. Breaking our lives down into chapters defined by important events, we’ll begin to discover when and how God has worked in us or spoken to us throughout our lives. At the end, we’ll have a clearer sense of our identities, our callings, and God’s purpose for our futures.

    Our Goal

    While the group bears some similarities to small groups, to workshops and to outreach teams, this Missional Community is about something more: sparking culture change. We’re seeking to educate, equip and inspire this core group of people from various “corners” of Christ Church with the hope that they will in turn influence their own circles, inspiring their peers to think missionally as well.

    For more information or to register contact:
    Peter Celauro | | 630.321.6751

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    Cary Christian Center Trip
    Information Meetings |  April 28 & May 19
    Camp | Sunday, June 8 - Sunday, June 15 

    Informational Meting | April 28 | 12:00 | Oak Room 
    Come learn about the 2019 mission trip to our domestic mission partner, Cary Christian Center, located in the Mississippi Delta. The trip is scheduled for June 8-15, 2019 and will focus on serving children in the community with sports camp, Bible lessons and robotics; working on minor home improvement projects and painting of local homes; and providing help in a local thrift store. This is a wonderful chance to bring your children on a mission trip and experience the blessing of serving together as a family! Please bring any questions to the meeting.


    Cary Christian Center Trip | Sunday, June 8 - Sunday, June 15 

    The mission of the Cary Christian Center is to break the cycle of poverty for individuals living in the Mississippi Delta, by actively proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Center’s vision is to build relationships based on biblical principals through its various ministries by becoming involved in people’s lives which ultimately leads them to make healthy choices, and reach their full potential. The Center operates: 1) a Parent Child Ministry which helps young mothers prevent infant mortality; 2) the “Village Ministry”- an after school program focusing on pre-K through 12th grade; 3) a “Volunteer Ministry”, which coordinates volunteers to do home repairs in the surrounding community; and 4) a Thrift Store that sells used furniture, clothing, and household goods. Our Outreach Team will be serving at the Center during the second week of its Vacation Bible School (VBS), and summer camp for children ages 3 to 16.

    Volunteer Jobs for Outreach Team Members

    • Assist with Vacation Bible School, tell stories and read Christian books to children
    • Engage children in sports camp - Lead and coach soccer, baseball, and other games and competitive events
    • Help children with arts and crafts
    • Do home repair, painting and/or minor construction projects in Mississippi Delta community
    • If you have medical/nursing training, counsel young mothers on pre and post natal care
    • Work with high school students on robotics projects
    • Cooking and Kitchen Help with Meals for Outreach Team
    • Devotion Leader for Outreach Team
    • Help out in Center’s Thrift Store located in Rolling Fork, Mississippi

    You can bring your own children, age 4 and older. Your children can attend the Center’s VBS, but you must supervise them if they are not under another adult’s active supervision. This is a wonderful chance to bring your children on a mission trip and experience the blessing of serving together as a family!

    All volunteers 18 and older must fill out a trip application and pass a background check. All volunteers will interview with one of the team leaders before being accepted onto the outreach team.

    Transportation to Cary, MS
    The outreach team will be traveling as a group to Cary Mississippi caravan style in rented mini vans. All drivers must provide a valid drivers license and a copy of their valid car insurance. We will be purchasing insurance through the car rental company but the volunteer’s insurance may be involved in case of accident or injury. It is approximately an 11 hour drive to Cary. We will be staying overnight on Saturday, June 8 somewhere in near Memphis, Tennessee in order arrive in Cary early afternoon on Sunday, and be ready to work on Monday.


    The cost of the trip is $650 per adult, with an additional $250 per household for any number of children under age 18. This cost includes all transportation (van costs and gas) to and from Cary, MS, all meals and accommodations at the Center, and all equipment that we will need for our activities (e.g. soccer balls, art supplies). The cost does not include overnight accommodations on Saturday, June 8 while traveling to the Center, and food purchases while traveling to and from the Center.

    Volunteers may fundraise the cost of the trip. More details will be available regarding fundraising upon request. If you don’t want to fundraise, we would encourage you to seek prayers for the outreach team from friends and family members. We also will be collecting supplies to bring to the Center to assist in their ministries, such as baby clothes, Bibles and Christian books, and sports equipment.

    Meals and Accommodations

    The Center has a dormitory with separate sections for males and females. Four studios apartments are also available, which will be assigned based on special needs (e.g. parent with children of different gender.). The dormitory has a kitchen and dining area where meals will be breakfast and dinner will be served. Lunch and snacks will also be provided. Outreach team members will be doing the cooking and kitchen help, so please plan on assisting with dining room clean up, garbage collection and other tasks where needed. The kitchen team will try to accommodate special dietary needs when possible.

    Phone/Internet: Cell phones may be used to communicate with family. Please do not take photos of the youth or families that we are serving on this trip, without their permission.

    Laundry: Volunteers will not have access to laundry facilities. Bring enough clothes for the duration of your stay.

    What to Pack – Check List

    The following is a suggestion, but is not comprehensive. We discourage you from taking excessive cash or personal valuables due to risk of damage or theft.

    -Twin sized sheets, pillow, light blanket for bed in dormitory
    (Sleeping bag is not necessary because it is warm in June in Mississippi)
    - Casual clothing
    ¨ Bible
    ¨ Work boots, athletic shoes or sturdy Tennis Shoes
    ¨ Rain Gear
    ¨ Pajamas (appropriate for communal sleeping)
    ¨ Laundry bag
    ¨ Water Bottle
    ¨ Earplugs and/or Sleeping mask
    ¨ Bath Towels
    ¨ Shower Shoes
    ¨ Shower Caddy
    ¨ Toiletries
    ¨ Medications
    ¨ Cell Phone & Charger
    ¨ Insect Repellant
    ¨ Sunscreen

    Outreach Team Meetings Before the Trip

    Team members will be required to attend about 3 - 4 team meetings in April and May to prepare for the trip. These meetings will involve team building exercises, prayer and spiritual activities, and discussion of volunteer roles and trip details.

    If you have any questions, about his trip you may contact trip leaders, Marian Nealon, 630-699-4236 (mobile), email; or Eva Tameling, 630-661-1566, email

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921




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    Spring Clothing Drive
    May 12 - May 18 | Christ Church Room 251 

    As you start your spring-cleaning, please consider packing up your gently used clothing and shoes, and donating them to our annual Spring Clothing Drive! When you donate to this great event, you are helping provide some of life’s most basic necessities to those who need it most. Please separate your clothing into bags labeled women, men, girls, boys and shoes. Volunteers will be available to help unload vehicles at the Pre-School entrance on the east side of the building on Sunday mornings from 8:30 am - Noon.

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



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    Lawndale Community Church | Annual Flower Planting 
    Wednesday | May 22 | 9:00 a.m. 


    Bring Life to the Community with the Annual Flower Planting

    Join us for a fun morning of planting flowers around Lawndale Community Church in Chicago. After enjoying the spring weather we will have lunch with our Lawndale Community Church friends at Lou Malnati’s! We will meet at Christ Church at 9:00 a.m. Please bring your own tools!

    Registration Coming Soon!

    Contact:  Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



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    Pacific Garden Mission | Serve the Homeless
    Saturday, May25 | 9:00 - 11:00 am 

    On average, Pacific Garden Mission shelters over 1,000 hungry and hurting people each night — but not without many hands! Help the largest shelter in Chicago prepare for the busy spring and summer months with the precious gift of your time and energy.

    Volunteers will spend the morning serving others Help the homeless find God's love, warmth, food and more at Pacific Garden Mission. Volunteers are needed to pray, talk, listen and encourage transient guests. Volunteers will work in pairs; women will speak with women, and men will volunteer on the men’s side.

    Garden Mission is located at 1458 South Canal St. in Chicago. Volunteers must handle their own transportation. If you have any questions or concerns about serving please reach out to us!  We would love to give you the information you are looking for.  

    Registration Coming Soon!

    Contact: Renee Richel |  | 630.321.3921

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    Inner City Impact Summer Camp Serve Team 
    Information Meeings | May 26 & July 14
    Camp | Sunday, July 28 - Sunday, August 3 

    Information Meeting will for the Inner City Impact Camp Mission trip on May 26 and July 14 at noon in the Oak Room at  Christ Church's Oak Brook location.   Registration is coming soon! 


    Inner City Impact Camp Serve Team | July 28  – August 3
    Camp Friedenswald | Cassopolis, Michigan

    Team Leaders: Marian Nealon and Eva Tameling

    Dates of Trip: Sunday, July 28, 2019 to Saturday, August 3, 2019. You can come for all six nights or less than six nights.

    Volunteers Welcome: Adults over 18 years old and/or families with children over age 4. Children must stay overnight with parent(s). Day care for children of volunteers is available, but all volunteers' children of sufficient age must pitch in to help as they are able.

    Location: Camp Friedenswald in Cassopolis, Michigan – 2 and ½ hour drive from Chicago, near the Indiana/Michigan state line (near Elkhart, Indiana). The camp has 365 of land, with many hiking trails, a spring-fed lake with pier, and two beaches for swimming. There are kayaks, canoes, and rowboats.  There are five sports fields for baseball, soccer, and other games, an archery area, and an arts and crafts building. 

    Cost: There is no cost for lodging or meals for adults who serve on the team.

    Travel Arrangements: Team members can drive individually or car pool at their own expense. Ample parking is available at the camp. Volunteers can also ride the ICI bus with the campers from either of ICI’s locations in Cicero or Logan Squar.

    Accommodations: Most adult volunteers stay in guest houses (average 5 people to a room, with bunk beds), separate from campers. All buildings are air conditioned. Volunteer camp counselors for 3rd to 5th graders stay with campers in cabins (about 8-10 kids per cabin.) 

    Meals:  Volunteers are provided with meals at no cost in the camp’s dining hall and/or lodge.

    Team Responsibilities:   Team members will choose or be assigned duties prior to departure.  Positions include:

    • Sports/Activity/and Games leaders and helpers- Assist counselors and ICI staff in making camp a great experience for the kids.
    • Camp counselors for the younger kids (3rd to 5th grade).  Need to be patient high energy person, who is physically capable of keeping up with every active kids. 
    • Food Service helpers in lodge – need 3 persons willing to do whatever is necessary in the lodge dining room
    • Arts and Crafts assistant

    Schedule/Activities: Sunday, 7/29  Arrive at Camp Friedenswald by 2:30 p.m. Get settled, have dinner and evening activity. Every other weekday except Thursday, campers go swimming, participate in organized sports and games, and have Bible study. These days also have a specially scheduled activity such as boating (canoes, kayaks and rowboats available), arts and crafts (including tie dying), archery, hiking, fishing, field trips (to nearby bowling, mini golf or arcade games), or free time (board games or cards).  Evening activities like drama or song fests are also scheduled. Thursday,8/1 - Camp carnival and Olympic game festival. Saturday-8/3 Depart after breakfast

    Process for Applying: Complete Christ Church’s Team application, Christ Church volunteer application and background check. Team members will be interviewed by team leader(s). Team member notified of acceptance to team.

    Team Requirements: Team members attend team meeting(s). Date and time will be determined once the team has been finalized.

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



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    Administer Justice | Client Coordinators, Client Advocates & Translators Needed  
    8:30 am - Noon  | 3rd Saturday of Every Month | Christ Church | Oak Brook Location

    Administer Justice provides free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals and families, as well as strengthening the local community through educational and outreach programs. A variety of volunteers are needed to strengthen the services offered at Administer Justice’s free clinic, here at our Oak Brook campus on the third Saturday of every month.  Below is a description of the Client Advocate Position.  For more details about the Translator or Client Coordinator positions please register now and an Administer Justice representative will reach out to you to answer your questions.  Training is provided.  


    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



    1.  Title:  Client Advocate

    1.  Purpose of Position:  To demonstrate God’s love and compassion for those in need as reflected in the Bible, meeting with clients directly after their legal or financial appointment to provide additional support, encouragement and prayer as they navigate through difficult circumstances. This position also advocates for the work of Administer Justice through prayer for the organization.  

    1.  Ideal Strengths:  *Demonstrates a love for God, his word, and his people regardless of race, ethnicity, religious, economic or any other status.

    *Demonstrates a compassionate concern for God’s justice for the poor and needy.

    *Demonstrates strong interpersonal and relational skills.
    *Demonstrates the spiritual gift of intercessory prayer and an understanding of how prayer can transform lives.

    *Demonstrates a high level of discernment and the ability to set boundries.

    1.  Scope of Responsibilities
    1.  To demonstrate God’s love and compassion for those in need by providing additional support and encouragement to clients.
      *Review the client’s Help & Hope plan with them to ensure they are clear on next steps.

    *Provide clarification or connect them with the appropriate resource if there are questions or concerns regarding their next steps (reconnect with their attorney if available, if not advise to call main AJ number).

    *Listen, showing compassion for their circumstance while helping the client to focus on those things they can now change or do versus dwelling on things they cannot change.

    *Listen for other needs of the client and their family outside of those provided by Administer Justice;  provide appropriate referrals as needed to other social service providers.  This would include referrals for    
      food, clothing, transportation, etc.  as well as counseling or other support groups.

    *Recommending a church connection for additional support.

    *When appropriate provide client with an RBC booklet specific to their personal circumstance (ie, worry, depression, broken relationships etc.).  (Booklets are located in file cabinet outside prayer room).

    *Accompany clients back to intake who have been advised to set up a second appointment with an attorney or with an AJ financial counselor or Conflict Coach, or escort the client to the exit.

    *Complete the Client Advocate Report on all clients you meet with. Saturday clinics-place the report in the client’s file that is then sent up to Elgin for input. Elgin Advocates-place your report in the tray in the conference room. 

    1. To demonstrate God’s love and compassion for those in need through prayer. 

    *Commit to studying what God’s word says about justice for the poor and needy.

    *Offer to pray with the client regarding their circumstance.  For clients who do not want to pray with you, let them know you will be in prayer for them.

    *Offer specific scripture to the client encouraging them to focus on God’s promises.

    *Pray for clients and their families outside of one on one meeting’s.

    *Commit to praying for the poor who are trapped by sin and its effects in our broken world.  
    *Pray the Spirit loose chains of injustice where ever they may be found.

    *Pray against the powers of darkness that advance injustice in this world.
    *Pray for the work of Administer Justice; our staff, volunteers, various initiatives and needs.

    1.  Working Relationships:

    *Administer Justice staff (Director of Operations, Volunteer Services Director, staff attorneys, Intake staff).

    *Administer Justice Volunteers (attorneys, financial counselors, non-legal volunteers).

    *Other Client Advocates

    1. Time Required/Expectations

    *We encourage daily prayer and Scripture reading.

    *Two hour initial training session to understand our services and processes.
    *3 to 4 hours per week or every other week as agreed to with the Volunteer Services Director or:  once a month if serving at a Saturday or evening clinic.

    *Group meetings with other Client Advocates on a quarterly basis.

    *Updating of volunteer hours in JC on-line after each serve.



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    Food Pantry Event | Second Saturday of Every Month
    Wednesdays | 5:45 - 6:45 p.m. | Elmhurst
    Fridays | 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. | Oak Brook Terrace 
    Saturdays | 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. | Oak Brook Terrace 

    Please consider volunteering at the Salvation Army with the Christ Church food pantry team on any or all of the following pantry set up and distribution days.

    Please join us the second Saturday of every month at 1 S. 415 Summit Ave in Oak Brook Terrace from 8:00 - 12:00 p.m.. We will distribute food to guests, help carry groceries out to cars and  help clean up. 

    If you are not available on Saturday you can meet us the night before and help set up from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army Oak Brook Terrace.  

    On the Wednesday before, we meet at Life Storage located at 953 S. State 83 (frontage road on the east) in Elmhurst from 5:45 to 6:45 p.m. to load donations into our truck. 

    Register now and you will be contacted by a Food Pantry team leader to answer any questions you have about the time and date(s) that you are available. 

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921



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    Love Christian Clearinghouse 
    Call In Center Volunteers Needed  | 3 Hours a Week 

    LOVE Christian Clearinghouse Call in Center Volunteers Needed!

    Listen to callers, complete an assessment form and share the LOVE of CHRIST over the phone!  This volunteer position also provides the opportunity to learn about area social services and agencies available to assist our callers.  

    Do you love helping people but are unable to travel? Volunteer with LOVE Christian Clearinghouse just three hours a week helping local families in need by listening to callers, completing anassessment form,  providing resource information and sharing the love of Christ over the phone. This weekly commitment gives you room to take time off for vacation and grandkids/childrens soccer practice!
    Training is provided.

    Contact: Renee Richel | | 630.321.3921